Esports Chiropractic Care

Esports is an exciting realm within the professional sports world. The growth and changes that have occurred over the last 10-20 years, taking Esports from amateur to professional, are innumerable. Alongside this transition from amateur to professional has been a more focussed look at player health and welfare.

Like any sport involving countless hours of practice and preparation, Esports athletes can become susceptible to certain injuries. Additionally, like any other athletes, the performance of Esports athletes can be improved with specific sports chiropractic interventions, including treatment and exercise.

What Are The Common Esports Injuries?

The repetitive motions and actions performed while training and competing lead Esports athletes predisposed to certain injuries:

  • RSI injuries (Repetitive strain injuries)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tension Headache
  • Elbow tendonitis / tendinopathy
  • Back strain / sprains

How Can Chiropractors Help Esports Athletes?

During the countless hours of practicing, it is very likely for Esports athletes to pick up niggles and injuries. Perhaps painful wrists or elbows or something a bit more serious. Whatever the cause of injury, if the pain is muscular or joint in origin then a course of chiropractic care can help the player become painfree. 

On top of this, the amount of time spent sitting causes tension to build up in the neck, across the shoulders and into the upper back. This feeling of tension can impact player performance through a lack of focus or a lack of endurance and stamina. A sports chiropractic package of care, including hands on treatment and supportive exercises, can help to dramatically to reduce tension. This helps players to stay focused in games for longer.

What Treatment Do We Use For Esports Athletes?

For many of the injuries and issues that Esports players see us for, a combination of spinal joint adjustments and various soft tissue release techniques is very effective. Once pain levels or a feeling of tension have reduced, specific mobility and strengthening exercises can be used to help maintain these improvements for longer. 

In addition to this, for certain wrist and elbow issues (repetitive strain injuries, elbow tendonitis) sports taping can provide great pain relief and decrease in muscle tension. 

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