Common Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a complex, physical sport requiring a multitude of different skills. Hand eye coordination is obviously a must but so is full body strength, control and endurance to be able to run, position, swing and hit.

Due to these various demands, it is essential that tennis players stay attentive to being injury resilient throughout the course of the season. One way tennis players can stay injury resilient is by incorporating sports chiropractic care into their injury prevention habits.

What Are The Common Tennis Injuries?

Some tennis injuries may be random occurrences due to falling or other non-predictable traumatic events. Most injuries however can be minimised or prevented entirely by proper conditioning, correct technique and seeking medical attention for niggles and aches before they become persistently painful conditions. 

The most common tennis injuries are:

  • Tennis and golfers elbow (elbow tendinopathy)
  • Rotator cuff muscle issues
  • Wrist Sprains / Strains
  • Back pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Achilles tendon issues

How Can Chiropractor’s Help Tennis Players?

Tennis players need to rely on short sharp movement and even quicker decision making. If a player is suffering from aches and pains, their ability to make quick decisions diminishes. On top of this, the presence of pain causes our muscles to fatigue faster, causing them to lose the ability to contract and therefore losing strength. The end result of this is decreased performance for the tennis player as well as increased risk of injury. 

Sports chiropractic care can help tennis players to recover from aches and niggles that would otherwise lead to full blown injuries. Additionally, we can help to reduce areas of stiffness in the body that are compromising the athlete’s ability to perform at the highest level. 

What Treatment Do We Use For Tennis Players?

We use a variety of different chiropractic treatments for tennis players. The exact techniques we use depends on the pain or injury or other issues that the tennis player we’re working with has. The vast majority of our tennis players receive a combination of:

  • Spinal Joint Adjustments
  • Extremity Joint Adjustments (particularly the foot and shoulder for tennis players)
  • Muscle releases
  • Other forms of soft tissue work
  • Progressive exercise programmes

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