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At Pro Chiro Spine and Sports Chiropractic, we understand you may have tried painkillers or been told to rest. You may have been told that it’s just your age or that you’re going to have to live with it.

Have You Only Had Short Term Pain Relief?

We realise you may have even tried other chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists or other healthcare providers and for whatever reason it just didn’t go as well as you expected.

Perhaps you had some short term pain relief, but the pain or discomfort never quite stayed away. We understand that you may even be sceptical or frightened because you’ve been let down in the past by healthcare professionals not doing what they said they will do.

A Sports Chiropractic Approach in Tadworth

These are some of the reasons why our focus at Pro Chiro is on working with our patients as if they are professional athletes.

We all deserve the right to get the most out of our body. While we don’t all need our bodies to perform at an elite level on a football pitch, we should all be able to survive the work week without experiencing pain that stops us doing the things we love.

For this reason, we use the EXACT SAME APPROACH with our regular patients on a daily basis as the approach we use with our professional athletes. With experience working in Professional Football, Judo, Powerlifting and Athletics, we have seen some of the worst injuries. Injuries such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist injuries, ankles, sciatica. You name it, we have seen it.

Providing Sports Chiropractic Care Throughout Surrey

Our goal as a clinic is to allow the people of Surrey and surrounding areas to enjoy the exact same world class sports chiropractic services that multi-million pound athletes receive. Sports Chiropractic care isn’t just for young athletes, and as Tadworth Chiropractors we have successfully implemented our unique approach with Surrey people in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

We do this using a proven 6 step method that quickly finds the true cause of your problem, eases your pain and ensures it does not return again. This will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds in the long run. Most importantly of all however gives you back TIME to enjoy with your family and friends without pain or discomfort.

Our approach


step one

We listen to your story and put the pieces together to find out why and how the pain is affecting your life.


step two

We make sense of your movement habits so we can get straight to the underlying cause of your pain.


step three

We explain the cause of your pain and the solution, as well as a realistic opinion of how long to resolve.


step four

We ease your pain with expert and effective hands on treatment so we get you comfortable quickly.


step five

We design a bespoke movement plan to easily fit around your lifestyle and stop the pain from coming back again..


step six

We show you how to continue getting stronger so you don’t have to return with the same problem in future.

We understand the KEY FUNDAMENTAL that the site of the pain is RARELY the true cause of your problem

At Pro Chiro we strive to understand your story and create a movement plan that will be of real value to you in your everyday life. We don’t want to just hand you a list of generic exercises or get you coming in weekly for the rest of your life.

We pride ourselves on our personal, effective approach to care. We use a combination of hands on treatment to ease pain quickly and offer you relief, while also working on the true cause of your problem with a bespoke movement plan designed to get you back doing the things you love doing with thoughtless, fearless movement. 

After their first session with us, most patients notice a drastic improvement in their symptoms. However, more importantly they also understand the cause of the problem and the step by step plan needed to ensure the problem doesn’t come back again.

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All of our appointments can be easily booked online, from our discovery sessions to specific treatment, we recommend all new patients come for a assessment first so we can investigate your specific situation to ensure we give you the best care going forward.