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Golf Performance

Like any sport, golf comes with it a certain pattern of common injuries and dysfunctions. Our expert golf chiropractor, Josh French, can help you with golf injury prevention and help your performance on the course.

As a golfer, in your playing career at one point you may have picked up a back injury or had to stop playing due to shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist or knee pain. You may have become frustrated due to having to take time off playing and training due to this pain.

We can help you to practice for longer and play more frequently without pain. Improving your muscle strength and joint mobility can help to get you back to playing the sport you love. It can also help to prevent these problems from developing in the first place.

As a Sports Chiropractic clinic, our focus is on getting you out of pain and returning to golf stronger and more injury resilient than before. This means less time off injured and more time on the course or on the range, refining your skill and improving your ability. 

Titleist Performance Institute

The TPI’s (Titleist Performance Institute) goal is to increase golf player performance through a deeper understanding of how the body functions during a golf swing.

Our golf chiropractor will perform an in-depth movement screen to identify limitations in strength or mobility that are causing your golf swing to be inefficient. Through chiropractic care and specific exercises we can then reduce these limitations and enhance performance. 

Golf Injury Prevention

A faulty golf swing can lead to reduced power and an altered ball flight. This in turn can lead to injuries developing. Therefore, for improved performance it is essential to identify and correct these swing faults.

The movement screen consists of looking at global movement patterns as well as looking at muscular activity and joint stiffness throughout the spine and limbs. Following on from this, the best plan can be made going forward to reduce these limitations and chase superior performance through effective sports chiropractic care. 

Golf Performance Package

Step 1

Golf Specific Assessment

This will involve taking a detailed history of any current or past injuries. We will also ask about past health history, exercise and diet habits and golf playing history. 

A full examination will be conducted consisting of a TPI movement screen, motor control tests and suitable orthopaedic and neurological tests. We will also screen for any mobility or muscular strength deficiencies.

Whenever possible we would love to communicate with your coach or golf instructor. This way, we can specifically examine and work on any areas they identify as restricting your golf swing. 

Step 2

Corrective Chiropractic Treatment

To kick start the performance improvements, it is important to reduce pain and increase injury resilience.

The initial treatment plan will vary depending on the results of the assessment. Included within the performance package are up to 2 visits a week for 4 weeks.

Through this phase of sports chiropractic treatment we will start to create biomechanical changes in your body that will translate to reduced pain, improved power production and optimised performance. 

Step 3

Performance Check Ups

Included in the Golf Performance Package are 12 months worth of check ups to ensure optimum biomechanics year round.

Once the initial course of treatment is finished, these check ups will help to prevent further time off due to injury and keep you functioning at your best throughout the season.

The ideal frequency of these check ups varies individually, but most are seen once a month at this stage. 

Step 4

Progressive Exercise Programme

A specific exercise programme will be created for you to maintain improvements produced during the initial treatment.

This programme will target the weaknesses or mobility limitations picked up by the golf specific assessment.

The exercise programme will be delivered in phases to ensure the appropriate exercises are performed at the correct time.

The end goal of the programme is to create a more injury proof, effective and efficient golf swing. 

FAQs - Golf Performance

Golf performance training can help golfers stay pain and injury free, improve their strength and mobility and hit the ball further off the tee with more consistency.
Golf performance training can help golfers hit the ball further off the tee with more consistency and less risk of injury. Sadly it’s not going to magically allow you to hit 18 hole in ones, but it will help you to refine your game and ensure you don’t have any physical limitations affecting your golf game.
The only risks associated with golf performance training are improved mobility, increased strength and making your playing partners jealous of your new distance off the tee!
Golf performance training can help golfers to improve upon physical limitations that are affecting them on the golf course. This might be a lack of rotational strength or a lack of functional stability through the lower back, or a lack of mobility through the upper back leading to decreased turn through the backswing. As a result, golfers that have been through golf performance training should be stronger, more mobile and more injury resistant than they were before starting the training.
Yes absolutely. Golf performance training will lead to increased strength and mobility in your body, which will help it to adapt better to the physical stresses and strains of golf without overloading any areas and causing an injury.
Golf performance training is completely inclusive for everyone of all ages and abilities. As we age, we tend to lose mobility and lose muscle mass too. Golf performance training can help to counteract this and ensure that your golf game doesn’t start deteriorating too quickly!

Gold Package

A bespoke package bringing you from pain to performance

£ 950
  • Golf Specific Chiropractic Consultation
  • Initial course of Chiropractic care (8 visits)
  • Tailored home exercise plan
  • Performance check ups (1 x month for a year)

Booster Package

An add-on to keep you performing at your best.

£ 500
  • Ongoing performance exercise plan
  • Performance check ups (1 x month for a year)

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