What is Sports Chiropractic?

Play the video below to find out what makes Sports Chiropractic different!

As a qualified Sports Chiropractor and avid player of sports, Josh knows what it’s like to be frustrated by sports injuries and pain.

He also knows what it’s like to wonder whether you are performing at your best or if you could achieve a greater level of performance.

No matter if you are a professional athlete or an amateur sports enthusiast, or just someone looking to stay ahead of the injury cycle, regular check ups can help keep you feeling great and your body working at its best.

We can work together to fulfil your potential by following the principles underpinning Sports Chiropractic.


Pain and Mobility

Over the course of many weeks, months and years, we often lose the ability to move correctly and efficiently. Efficient movement helps us stay strong and injury resilient at home, work and while playing sport.

Faulty movement habits can often cause injuries to occur. On top of this, once injury has occurred, mobility in certain areas often decreases.

One of our first goals of treatment is to restore regular pain free range of motion. This is essential to recover from injuries. Without proper movement, the body starts to compensate in pain provoking patterns, elongating the recovery time from injury.

By increasing mobility in the joints and improving proficiency in performing common movement patterns, we can give you back the confidence you need to know that you aren’t going to be causing any further injury. You can therefore then perform all aspects of your job or your sport with full movement capabilities. 

Chiropractic and Sports Performance

Once we have restored normal range of motion and improved your ability to perform common movement patterns without pain returning, we then need to ensure that you are functioning at as high of a level as you need to.

Professional athletes will have a higher threshold of function that they need to reach compared to amateur sportspeople. However, this threshold is individual to you and your goals.

Chiropractic treatment aims to restore normal function to your joints and muscles which may help to increase your control, co-ordination and muscle strength. 



Sports Chiropractic and Injury Prevention

Once we have reached your functional threshold goal, we need to ensure that you have the tools to maintain it!

Specific exercises may be given to you to ensure full strength and mobility is maintained, and regular check ups may be recommended to ensure that you remain functioning at your best as long as is required.

These check ups will involve assessing your movement and muscular strength to ensure any deficiencies are picked up before they can create any problems.

Injuries cannot be 100% avoided but check ups can help to spot when movement starts to break down in a way that can exacerbate issues and lead to injury.

Keeping you injury free will help you achieve optimal performance in work, life and sport. 

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