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We understand that when you come in for the first time you will be feeling anxious and nervous, not to mention suffering from pain!

It is our goal to get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible. This way we can target the treatment at the specific cause of the issue, not just treating the symptoms. We want to get rid of your pain as quickly as we can, but we also need to ensure we prevent the problem from returning in the future. In total, the new patient consultation will take around an hour to complete and will involve a thorough history, assessment as well as treatment if it’s suitable.

Before your appointment time, you will need to complete a form that will be sent via text to you. 


When you come in to see us at the clinic in Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey, we will first spend some time getting to know you and your pain story. We will ask some questions to better understand what might have led to the pain developing and how the pain is affecting your life. Additionally we will take the time to chat about what you want to get out of treatment, whether that is simply being pain free or if you have other health and fitness goals that you want help reaching.


The purpose of the examination is to find where the pain is coming from so we can correct the underlying issue, not just mask the symptoms. First we will go through some easy movements to see how good your mobility is. If anything is painful just let us know because we don’t want to push you through pain and make you uncomfortable. Other tests will show us if any areas are compensating for this problem and determine if there is anything more serious going on.

Informed Consent

By this point, we will have identified the most likely cause of your symptoms and will explain what we have found so far. We will also take the time to explain how we can help you and will go over what the problem is, why it has developed, what we can do for you and how long it is likely to take. At this point we will discuss the treatment techniques that would be most beneficial for you. If you agree with this, and if it is appropriate for your condition, we will start with hands on treatment.


The sports chiropractors at Pro Chiro use a variety of different treatment techniques. These range from adjustments / manipulations of the joints of the spine and limbs to various soft tissue treatment techniques. In addition our sports chiropractors may use dry needling and taping. Using your goals and preferences, together we will come up with a custom treatment plan to get you back to living your life as you intend, as quickly as possible. The treatment plan we create together will have a finite number of visits. For most conditions and most patients, this is between 6-12 visits.

Home Movement Plan

So that you can recover as quickly as possible and get back to doing the things that bring you joy in life, we will make a personalised movement plan for you. The purpose of this movement plan will be to strengthen the areas that led to the pain developing in the first place. This way we can ensure the problem doesn’t come back again in the future.

What To Expect For Regular Appointments

During follow up appointments, we spend time checking how things have been since your last session. We perform some tests to measure your objective progress, and then perform whatever treatment you need on the day. We also check any exercises we have given you and might go through new ones to allow your rehabilitation progress to continue.


There will be a scheduled re-assessment appointment every 4-6 visits. This is generally a slightly longer duration visit to allow us to appropriately measure your response to care and if needed change aspects of the treatment plan.

Most patients will experience significant, measurable improvement by this time. Some patients may experience complete resolution of their problem.

For patients who have conditions that do not respond well to care or have complex conditions with complicating factors, we will happily refer you to the necessary provider at this time. 

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