Online Health Consultations

Many people suffering from muscular or joint pain and injuries are unable to leave their house to seek out care for their pain. We offer Online Consultations so that we can help wherever you are. These online health consultations allow you to speak to our sports chiropractor Josh French from the comfort of your own home, ensuring you receive the right advice and support you need to help speed up and manage your recovery (don’t worry, we will help you with the set-up to make it as easy as possible!).

Josh is an expert in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of pain and injuries related to the muscles and joints in the body. Most of what we do in your chiropractic appointments isn’t about the hands-on treatment – it’s about helping you manage the pain and the injury through advice and coaching, exercise prescription and pain management ideas etc.


Spinal adjustments or manipulations are well researched as to their effectiveness. The purpose of an adjustment or a manipulation is to:

  • Restore normal motion to stiff and dysfunctional areas of the spine
  • Loosen tight muscles and reduce pain levels
  • Improve coordination and bodily awareness



Extremity adjustments are important as they help to ensure that the body as a whole is moving and functioning at as high of a level as possible, with no chinks in the chain so to speak. Similarly to adjustments for the spine, these help to:

  • Restore normal joint mechanics
  • Reduce pain and muscle tightness
  • Allow greater performance in sport through increases in strength


We are skilled in and utilise several techniques that are effective for soft tissue treatment including:

  • Myofascial release techniques – used to restore normal function of the soft tissue and enhance recover time from an injury
  • Various forms of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching – for stretching and relaxing tight and shortened muscles, increasing range of motion and active mobility
  • Neuromobilisation techniques – used in treating pain from a nerve origin and helping to enhance the recovery


When returning to sport or recovering from an injury it is essential to ensure the injured area is as strong as possible to help prevent recurrence. We endeavour to make the treatment personal for you. That’s why we are more focused on movements related to your specific goals and day to day activities than motions from a textbook. The purpose of this is to:

  • Strengthen a weakened area to prevent recurrence
  • Groove appropriate movement patterns
  • Increase confidence and general strength

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All of our appointments can be easily booked online, we recommend all new patients come for an assessment first so we can investigate your specific situation to ensure we give you the best care going forward. If you have any questions prior to booking an appointment please do give us a call.

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