Online Consultations with a Chiropractor

Apr 16, 2020

Online Consultation with a Chiropractor

On 23rd March, we temporarily closed our clinic due to the Coronavirus. We have since started offering Online Consultations with our Chiropractor – Josh French. We have had a few questions regarding our online consultations in the last couple of weeks. As a result, we have written this blog post to help answer some of these commonly asked questions about online consultations.  

Firstly, How Can an Online Consultation Help?

Technology is making all aspects of life more efficient. Healthcare is no different. With online consultations we are able to go through your complete health history, look at your movements and ask you to perform some functional tests. We can then offer you a diagnosis, explain what you can or cannot do and guide you through some exercises to reduce your pain and aid your recovery. MOST IMPORTANTLY – we can hold you accountable and keep you on track. On top of this we can offer reassurance that there is nothing serious going on and that you aren’t going to worsen anything by doing the wrong thing. Really, the only thing we can’t do during an online consultation is provide any hands on treatment. We can still do all of the above as well as show you some self care things you can do to provide relief. While hands on treatment is an effective way to reduce pain and recover from injuries, it is only one part of the overall picture. Online consultations can provide you with an abundance of knowledge about your problem and tools to recover as quickly as possible. 

A computer set up for Telehealth consultations with our surrey chiropractor


What is Needed For an Online Consultation?

For an online consultation with our chiropractor, all you need is a phone or laptop / desktop with a camera and microphone. A laptop is better for us as it gives our chiropractor a wider field of view so they can see more, but if you only have a phone then that is also fine. If you don’t have a phone with a camera or a laptop, or would just rather not be on video, we can always arrange a telephone consultation instead. 

On top of this, it would help us a lot if you were in a private area so you are not disturbed. You also need a bit of space to be able to perform the movements and functional tests. Lastly, wearing exercise clothing is advised as it will offer you the most flexibility.

How Much Does an Online Consultation Cost?

We have several different online consultations available to people in pain.

We are providing these consultations free of charge. You won’t have to pay anything to us for the appointment. We will still provide the same expert service we would if you were a paying patient. 

What we are suggesting is instead of paying us for our service, patients make a small donation to the NHS COVID19 Appeal fund. 

What Should I expect from a Telehealth Consultation?

Helping you get set up

For the online consultation all you will need is a laptop or computer with a camera, and a reliable internet connection!

At the time of your appointment, your chiropractor will call you on the link provided in the confirmation email. 

History and Diagnosis

In your online health consultation, your chiropractor will take a detailed history of your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, educate you about the problem and provide advice. They will be able to prescribe or demonstrate a tailored exercise programme to help resolve the issue. On top of this they will guide you on how long it will take until you feel better.

Patient performing a home exercise


A Tailored Exercise Programme

During your consultation, we are able to create a personalised care plan that consists of various stretches, exercises and care guidance for you to follow at home to help reduce your symptoms and fix the underlying problem. Exercises are provided in video format to show how they should be performed. 

Initial appointments can last up to 60 minutes (but may be shorter).  You will have a chance to email your surrey chiropractor over the following days should you have any follow-up questions. Alternatively, they may recommend a follow-up Telehealth appointment (around 20 – 30 mins) a few days later as your condition improves. This allows them to update the advice and exercises so you continue to see progress.

This video above give you a great summary of the benefits of online health consultations with a chiropractor. Even though we are a chiropractic clinic based in Surrey, thanks to online consultations we have been able to help patients suffering from back pain all the way up in Liverpool and Newcastle.


We hope reading about the benefit of online consultations has helped to answer any questions you had. You can also read more about online consultations with a chiropractor on this webpage.  If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.